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Programa Ciclo da Vida

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Implementation period :

Start on April 26, 2006

RENCTAS, OPA and Martins Group – ” A partnership for Brazilian biodiversity .“

The evolution of human consciousness about their transformative power of nature was born , throughout history , gestures often simple in its essence but absolutely strong in determination.

The most prime example of this power was the desire of some ancestor who, unhappy with the difficulties of everyday life, has designed something that would forever change their relationship with the world : the wheel .

The wheel moved rocks, bells moved and built cities. Today continues moving machines and satellite . The expansion of human frontiers brought new challenges and the wheel just before we moved, began to conduct, interposed between man and the land in which he lived. Today, the wheel devastates and expands the boundaries between the human being. Many worlds are separated by the wheels of social, environmental and economic differences.

The larger wheel, planet earth is composed of cycle that determine the pace of life, but humanity is spinning out of step with the other inhabitants of this wheel.

The RENCTAS, OPA and Martins Group does not intend to “reinvent the wheel”. This vision aims solely to rescue an idea of an ancestor, one day recognized a need and created a solution with simplicity. And the great merit of this ancestor was not just create something new. It was mainly to create something easy to be reproduced as many times as necessary.

The “wheels” of our strategy are education and conservation of the environment. The road begins in Uberlandia, and our destination is a place where man and nature in harmony again to spin and can restore the natural cycle of life.

The Cycle of Life Programme, aims to promote the fight against wildlife trafficking, through the dissemination of knowledge on biodiversity for internal and external audiences Martins Group, awakening and strengthening the environmental awareness of its employees , customers and employees.


OPA and Grupo Martins

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