Renctas Report

Produced and published by Renctas in 2001, the 1st National Report on Wild Animal Trafficking is the most comprehensive study on the theme. This report shows the trafficking main routes besides providing a thorough analysis of traffickers’ actions in Brazil.



IPC Report

Get to know the final report of the first Inquiry Parliamentary Commission (IPC) that investigated the trafficking in wild animals and plants in Brazil.
This document was elaborated and published by the Brazilian House of Representatives.


Wild Animal Trafficking in Atlantic Rain Forest Diagnosis

The “Diagnostics of Wild Animal Trafficking in Atlantic Forest and Implications for Conservation Activity of the Biome” project aims to develop a proposal for standardization of procedures to combat wildlife trafficking, together with oversight agencies and environmental control, through the creation and implementation of a database on trafficking in wild animals and making a diagnosis on the wildlife trafficking in the Central Corridor and the Serra do Mar Corridor of the Atlantic Forest.
The diagnosis will also feature a Strategic Plan to combat this illicit activity in the corridors of biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest.


Book: Life for Sale II

A new version of the book Life for Sale, work that brings the analysis of issues related to environmental law, international trafficking, wildlife management, among others.

The book Life for Sale II is in production and can be purchased through our website.

1st National Report on Management and Sustainable Use of Wildlife

This publication aims to make a critical analysis of the current wildlife management in Brazil, assessing which failures of this model and the reason for its ineffectiveness, the consequences for biodiversity conservation, and suggest what needs to change.

This report is not yet available in English.







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