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Quem somos
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Wild animal trafficking
Here you will find a great number of data and information on wild animal trafficking. Click on one of the options below and know more about this illegal activity.
Renctas report
Produced and published by Renctas in 2001, the 1st National Report on Wild Animal Trafficking is the most comprehensive study on the theme. This report shows the trafficking main routes besides providing a thorough analysis of traffickers’ actions in Brazil.
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IPC report
Get to know the final report of the first Inquiry Parliamentary Commission (IPC) that investigated the trafficking in wild animals and plants in Brazil. This document was elaborated and published by the Brazilian House of Representatives.
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Environmental legislation
Here you can consult Laws, Decrees and Administrative Acts providing on the Brazilian wild fauna.
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Wild animal trafficking
Renctas report  |  IPC report  |  Environmental legislation